Aquaculture and Mariculture
Construction Buoys Vehicles Corrosion Laboratory
Production Farm Design

Farms for oysters and other marine species have been developed on Oahu by Kahuku Seafood Farms, Inc. Makai Ocean Engineering designed and assisted in the construction of several farms revolutionary in concept for dense oyster culture. Makai also designed production ponds, trenches, flumes, aerators and pumping systems for a wide variety of farms and conducted research on the basic growth and environmental requirements of oysters. Makai also designed and built machines for the production of oyster trays and oyster handling equipment.

National Center For Applied Aquaculture

Under contract with the Oceanic Institute, Makai designed a prototype tankfield for the Center for Applied Aquaculture. This tankfield was to serve as a model for further facility expansion into a modular research center. In addition to tankfield design, Makai designed the research module tankfields, consulted on salt water system issues, designed new salt water distribution pipelines, and new freshwater distribution pipelines.

Resource Assessment Study – Oahu

Oceanic Institute hired Makai to conduct an inventory and assessment of their main facility’s infrastructure including: salt water resources, fresh water resources, in-place aeration, existing drainage systems, and facility electrical. The assessment included AutoCAD drafted overlays of all in place piping and equipment. The study was prepared to support plans for major facility renovation and expansion as a National Center for Applied Aquaculture.

Hatchery Development – Egypt

Under contract with the Oceanic Institute, Makai engineered and designed a finfish hatchery in Egypt. The purpose of the facility is to train and advise Egyptians, Arabs, and Africans in fresh/sea water aquaculture. It also serves as a commercial fish hatchery which provides fry and eggs to sell to aquaculture farms.  Makai’s role was to engineer and design the facility and included: design of the tank field, water supply and distribution system, electrical system layout, aeration system, the infiltration gallery and the feedmill,

Site Selection – Dominican Republic/Haiti

Makai in conjunction with Oceanic Consultants conducted a site selection study for a several hundred hectare shrimp farm in the Monte Christi area of the Dominican Republic as well as evaluation of alternate sites in Haiti.

Aquaculture with OTEC

Makai conducted a study for TRW to assess the feasibility of onshore and offshore nori farms in conjunction with the cold water effluent from a 40 MW OTEC plant at Kahe Point, Oahu, Hawaii.

Marine Biomass Review

In association with Aquaculture Associates, Makai conducted an extensive engineering and technical review of the Gas Research Institute’s (GRI) Marine Biomass Program. This review was for a conceptual kelp farm in 100 sq. miles of open ocean, moored, and continuously harvested and fertilized. Harvested kelp would be processed through digesters and converted to methane.

OTEC Cold Water Aquaculture Systems

Makai worked with the State of Hawaii to engineer algal and salmon support facilities utilizing deep cold ocean water. These facilities were located at the Natural Energy Laboratory, Hawaii.

Low-Head Pumps

Aquaculture systems frequently require large volume, low-head pumps. Makai designed and constructed a one meter diameter Archimedes Screw type pump for supplying seawater at low heads and low power consumption. Prototypes of both wood construction and fiberglass have been produced. Also, a low head, 1000 gpm, all-plastic, and easily repairable propeller pump has been designed, built, and successfully used in seawater.

Tilapia Farms

Makai designed the aeration system and water supply system for a Tilapia Farm on Kauai for Astro Marine, Inc. and with the Fowler Company on Oahu to analyze different concepts and costs for a large scale Tilapia farm and designed the intensive aeration system used on the farm.

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