SBSS purchases MakaiLay and MakaiPlan Pro for the CS Fu Hai

– October 2013

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S. B. Submarine Systems Co., Ltd. (SBSS) has installed Makai’s cable installation software, MakaiLay, on the CS Fu Hai, a submarine cable ship.

SBSS installed the latest MakaiLay software with full control capabilities this summer while the CS Fu Hai was dry-docked in Hong Kong. Makai engineers trained CS Fu Hai crewmembers to operate the software during this time. With this purchase, SBSS displays confidence in MakaiLay to reduce the cost and risk of operations for submarine cable jobs in the telecom, power cable, and offshore oil & gas exploration markets.

In the interest of reducing at-sea time and cost for cable lays, SBSS also purchased a license of MakaiPlan Pro, Makai’s software for planning and simulation of cable lays. This software enables SBSS to plan cable routes and simulate cable lays in detail (even including realistic currents) in 3D before going out to sea for an installation.

MakaiPlan Wind farms

SBSS joins the more than 80% of the world’s telecom cable fleet that owns and uses used Makai software products for swift, accurate, and safe installation of more than 400,000 kilometers of submarine cable.


About Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc.

Makai Ocean Engineering Inc., is the world’s leading provider of submarine cable planning and installation software. Established in 1973, Makai is a diversified engineering company providing naval architecture, mechanical, and software engineering products and services. Areas of expertise include ocean-based renewable energy, heat exchangers, large pipelines, underwater vehicles, submarine cable software and engineering, and general marine engineering and R&D.

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