MakaiPlan 5.1 Released

– June 2013


Recovery Module
Screenshot of MakaiPlan 5.1

MakaiPlan 5.1 has been released. With over 270 licenses sold worldwide, MakaiPlan is the telecommunications industry standard software tool for creating submarine cable routes, defining cables and in-line bodies, editing routes, defining and adjusting slack, and instantly creating RPLs and SLDs. This version includes many new significant features also useful to the marine renewable industry where acceptance of MakaiPlan is rapidly growing. Some of these features are:

  • Support for Windows 8
  • Support for arc in cable routes (useful for pipelines and power cables)
  • Ability to connect to WMS servers to fetch map data
  • Support for alternative datums
  • User-defined buffer zones
  • Displaying X,Y grid coordinates in RPL
  • New tool to merge paths
  • Ability to insert a point at position relative to the previous/next


About Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc.

Makai Ocean Engineering Inc. is diversified engineering company providing ocean, naval architecture, mechanical, chemical, and software products and engineering services. Areas of expertise include ocean based renewable energy (OTEC and Seawater Air Conditioning), heat exchangers, large pipelines, underwater vehicles, submarine cable software and engineering, and general marine R&D.

For more information, contact:
Duke Hartman
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