New Submarine Cable Repair Software

– June 2013

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Recovery Module
Recovery Module

Makai Ocean Engineering releases the Makai Repair software. Makai Repair extends the capability of Makai’s industry-standard submarine cable planning and installation software suite to include at-sea cable repair and recovery operations. It is a standalone product which runs on a standard PC operating with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or XP which is installed on a repair vessel. The software is available in two versions:

  • Standard
  • Professional (Pro), depending upon client needs.

MakaiRepair includes new grapnel/assembly tools and modifications to the advanced 3D finite element model that takes into consideration multiple cables in the water column and lateral movement of the cable along the seafloor. These new features to the cable model allow for the precise control of bottom tension, so that the recovery of the cable can be done at faster rates, within safe parameters, thereby speeding up operations and minimizing repair operational costs.


About Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc.

Makai Ocean Engineering Inc. is diversified engineering company providing ocean, naval architecture, mechanical, chemical, and software products and engineering services. Areas of expertise include ocean based renewable energy (OTEC and Seawater Air Conditioning), heat exchangers, large pipelines, underwater vehicles, submarine cable software and engineering, and general marine R&D.

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