Submarine Cable Software

Makai’s state-of-the-art dynamic cable model provides unparalleled accurate cable installations.

Makai offers sophisticated products that work together to greatly improve the accuracy and reliability with which submarine cables are laid. We provide:

  • Software to plan cable installations.
  • Software to monitor and control in real-time the installation of a cable or cable system.
  • Software to analyze in detail the installation of a submarine cable.

The heart of Makai’s cable software is a powerful 3-D cable model. This fast, finite-segment dynamic model was developed by Makai specifically for precise real-time cable laying control. Having been used successfully prior to and during numerous critical cable lays, our algorithms have proven to be both reliable and practical.

All significant factors influencing the position and control of the cable are included in these programs: full 3-D modeling, complex cables and shapes that change with time, either 3-D or 2-D bottom terrain and complete current profiles. Numerous cable types and cable bodies can be incorporated into a single cable lay or recovery. These programs are suitable for all ocean depths and cable laying speeds.