Thermal Management System Design

Makai has heavily invested in the research, design, testing, and manufacture of marine-grade heat exchangers (HXs). Makai provides HX design and testing services for government and commercial clients.

Makai’s services include the design of marine-grade HXs. These HX designs are engineered to be high-performance, low-cost, compact, and corrosion-resistant, and serve a wide variety of marine applications.

Makai provides services to test the performance and lifetime of HXs using seawater and various other working fluids. During a typical test, Makai collects data on temperatures, working fluid flow rates and quality, and pressure drops in order to calculate a HX’s performance. The primary output from Performance Testing is the HX’s heat transfer coefficient (U) and the pressure drop (dP) for a range of working fluid flow rates. This information can be used to calculate the heat exchanger area required for commercial applications.








Heat Exchanger Facilities

Makai’s advanced manufacturing and testing facility enables rapid prototyping and construction of custom TFHX™ geometries based on specific needs and operating conditions. Test stations are available for different fluids (water, ethylene glycol water (EGW), anhydrous ammonia, other refrigerants, oil, etc.), flow orientations, operating pressures and fatigue simulation.

100 kW Heat Exchanger Test Station

This smaller scale test station enables rapid design, prototyping, and performance and lifetime testing of heat exchangers.

4 MW Heat Exchanger Test Station

Makai’s Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) tower is used to test large-scale heat exchangers up to 4 MW in thermal duty.

Advanced Manufacturing Facility

Makai’s advanced heat exchanger manufacturing facilities allow for rapid production of the TFHX™.

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