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Aerial view of the Makai Research Pier

Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc. is an innovative ocean technology and engineering firm based in Hawaii, providing engineering products and services worldwide since 1973. Makai’s core technical areas include submarine cables, ocean energy and marine pipelines, and subsea technologies such as underwater vehicles, buoys, communications systems and general marine engineering and R&D. Makai is certified under ISO 9001:2015, an internationally recognized standard for quality management. Makai’s 36-person staff includes physicists, oceanographers, and mechanical, ocean, chemical, and software engineers, most of whom hold master’s degrees or Ph.Ds.

Subsea Cables

Makai has been involved with deep-water cable installation since 1983. Makai has led the world in submarine cable installation and planning software for over a decade, with products used successfully by over 90% of the world’s telecom cable laying ships to install more than 400,000 kilometers of submarine cable. Modules are available for power cables, seismic offshore oil & gas exploration, and defense applications.

Ocean Energy

Makai has been heavily involved in ocean energy research since the 1970s, especially on ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) and seawater air conditioning (SWAC) systems. Since 1978, Makai has been involved in over 50 contracts related to ocean energy, including the design of the world’s first commercial SWAC system, and the design, build, and operation of the world’s largest operational OTEC plant.

Marine Pipelines

Makai has been designing and working with marine pipelines since 1979, and to date has designed the cold water pipe for more deep water SWAC and district cooling systems than any other known engineering firm in the world. These designs include the largest deep cold seawater pipe in the world in Kona, Hawaii, and two large lake water cooling systems in North America. Makai’s deep water pipeline designs have never been responsible for a lost pipe. Makai has applied the large marine pipelines, an enabling technology for these systems, to a variety of other applications such as desalination, power plant cooling, wastewater, and transmission pipelines. The deepest large diameter seawater intake pipe in the world was designed by Makai and has been operational in Hawaii since 2002.

Subsea Technology & Ocean Engineering

Makai has performed custom R&D, prototyping and testing of subsea technologies for a wide range of clients, including the largest defense contractors in the world, the U.S. Departments of Defense and Energy, and the oil and gas industry. Makai’s areas of expertise are: unmanned underwater vehicles, naval architecture, subsea communications and sensor networks, marine buoys/structures, ocean and numerical modeling, fiber optic and power cables, robotics and winch systems, marine heat exchangers, and corrosion RDT&E.

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