Renewable Energy

Makai is committed to the research and development of ocean-based renewable energy sources. Makai’s renewable energy engineers are exploring practical ways of harnessing the abundance of natural energy present in the ocean using existing and emerging technologies such as:

Power Generation

Ocean thermal energy conversion; current, tidal, and offshore wind devices; and subsea power cable studies, route analysis and deployment.


Seawater air conditioning; seawater cooling for onshore and offshore industrial processes such as natural gas liquefaction; radiant cooling; and dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS).

Energy Exchange & Storage

Compact heat exchangers for high corrosion resistance and lower operational costs suitable for variety of marine, energy, and processing systems.









Makai’s work and products support a number of marine renewable energy technologies. This includes several technologies pioneered by the team at Makai, as well as some products and services that support other maine renewable energy techmnologies. 

Offshore Wind

Pioneers of Deep Seawater Energy Technologies

Makai’s involvement in deep seawater energy technology development dates back to the 1970s. Makai is considered the world leader in OTEC and SWAC.

Years of Experience

SWAC Projects

OTEC Studies/ R&D Contracts


Makai provides a comprehensive set of marine renewable energy services that leverage the expertise of our engineers and the sophisticated tools developed in the company’s 40+ years of experience. Makai’s marine renewable energy services include assistance with OTEC/ SWAC feasibility studies, renewable energy research and development, export power cable planning, and construction oversight support. 

Feasibility Study

Makai offers a wide range of feasibility studies, tailored to meet our clients’ budget and desired outcomes. 


Makai’s team of engineers are experienced in marine renewable enrergy system design.


Makai proves marine renewable research and development services to verify scientific principles.

Construction Oversight

Makai provides on-site construction oversight support in to act as the client’s eyes on site.

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