Towed Cable Control

Makai has developed several hardware solutions that can be used to control the shape of various tow cables while a vessel is underway.

One of these technologies is what Makai calls the SASS. This system provides consistent and constant control of drag and lift to the aft end of tow cables, which straightens the cables, allowing for improved performance. The SASS is completely passive, allowing for easy transition and adaptation to a variety of applications without requiring integration of power or communication systems.  The system maintains the optimal control through a variety of tow speeds and operations.

SASS Features & Benefits

  • Compensates for any roll and pitch
  • Does not impact tow cable function
  • Completely passive system
      • No external power or communications
      • Robust and reliable
  • Corrects straightness to within two foot displacement anywhere on the cable throughout operational speeds
  • Increases range of operational speeds
  • Maintains tow cable depth
  • Do-no harm failure modes

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