Subsea Research & Development

The common thread running through all areas of Makai’s expertise is high-caliber engineering research and design. In addition to the completed projects described below, we regularly assist our clients by performing research in new and emerging areas of technology.

Makai has performed custom Research and Development, prototyping, and testing of subsea technologies for a wide range of clients, including the largest defense contractors in the world, aquaculture farmers, the U.S. Department of Defense and Energy, and the oil and gas industry. Makai’s areas of expertise are: unmanned underwater vehicles, naval architecture, subsea communications and sensor networks, marine buoys/ structures, fiber optic and power cables, robotics and winch systems, marine heat exchangers, and corrosion RDT&E, among others.

Subsea Technology Services

Makai’s subsea technology R&D services include but are not limited to the following. 

Underwater Vehicles

Subsea Cables

Marine Structures


Makai’s headquarters at the Makai Research Pier allows for the rapid development and testing of subsea hardware systems. The pier is located in the pre-permitted Makai Undersea Test Range.

meters of pierside water for testing (4-6 m water depth)

pound rated davit

certified divers on staff

meter water depth 4 nmi from pier

Makai’s Subsea Hardware

Makai has developed several hardware technologies that have wide spread applications in commercial and federal markets. Below are a few examples of Makai’s technologies. 

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