Research and Design
Construction Buoys Environmental Modeling Vehicles Corrosion Laboratory
Offshore OTEC ammonia producing plant offloading ammonia to a tanker.

The common thread running through all areas of Makai’s expertise is high-caliber engineering research and design. Makai has provided research, design, and project management services for clients who range from aquaculture farmers to the largest defense contractors in the world. In addition to the completed projects described below, we regularly assist our clients by performing research in new and emerging areas of technology.

Custom Software
Makai has a strong background in custom software engineering, dating back to 1989 with the advent of our subsea cable software program. Makai has developed custom software including:

  • 3-D physical modeling
  • GIS and scientific visualization
  • Power and cooling systems modeling

Marine Structures and Vehicles
Makai has designed and fabricated a number of marine vehicles since the 1970s. Makai also performs at-sea testing of vehicles and other engineering components. Vehicles designed include:

  • A submersible vehicle for manned-submarine launch, transport, and recovery
  • Autonomous vehicles for cable burial
  • Buoys, platforms, and mooring systems

Submarine Cable Planning and Installation
Makai performs submarine telecommunications and power cable planning, model simulation, and monitoring during the at-sea operations.

  • Desktop studies
  • At-sea cable lay

Marine Outfall Design and Construction Management
Makai designs marine outfalls and diffusers and has the experience to provide innovative solutions to difficult problems, such as extreme seafloor slopes and suspended pipelines.

Marine Heat Exchangers
Makai has extensive experience designing and testing the large heat exchangers used in marine applications such as seawater air conditioning and ocean thermal energy conversion. Makai operates a large research facility where heat exchangers designed by Makai and others are tested for performance and corrosion using surface and deep seawater.

Project Management
Makai performs project management and oversight for marine and terrestrial construction and survey projects dating back to the 1970s.

Makai’s capabilities span the entire subsea spectrum from shallow coastal waters to the deep ocean.  We have provided a broad range of engineering and design services to meet our clients needs in the following areas:

MakaiDTM Screenshot
Photo courtesy of Terry Kerby, HURL)

A Launch, Recovery and Transport vehicle used to support the University of Hawaii’s Pisces V submersible.  This diver controlled underwater LRT can safely launch and recover the Pisces in very rough seas. Makai designed the all-aluminum vehicle, oversaw the construction, directed the testing, and obtained ABS certification.

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